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Thanks to intelligent online tools, companies can not only implement effective sales campaigns, but also modify them in terms of changing customer activities. 100shoppers is one of the most interesting creators of solutions connecting consumers with the manufacturers. The company has created a widget called Where-To-Buy that can be placed on the brand's landing page. It has the form of a button that hides a list of official stores where the user can buy the product. Thus, the solution is to significantly improve the customer purchase path.

For users, buying becomes easier and more pleasant. Retailers, on the other hand, gain more traffic to their online stores. However, the greatest benefits go to brands, which, via the widget, receive insight into sales data: stock levels, prices, product popularity and customer behavior.


Company contact details:

Company name: 100 SHOPPERS

Company address: Królowej Jadwigi 43

City: Poznań

Zip Code: 61-871



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