Cork notice board

A cork notice board is a perfect way of putting your to-do-lists, checklists, arrangements, important notes and a calendar as well as encouraging affirmations or quotes on the display to make sure that you won’t forget about anything and stay positive the whole time. Having everything under control and self-care is right at your fingertips! The only thing you need is a practical and easily adhesive notice board made of cork. Where to find it? In Corkstore24 LTD obviously! The company provides you with extensive collection of cork material products, such as, among others, cork board sheets and panels for wall, rubber cork roller coverings or designer cork wall tiles and, of course, coloured cork notice boards! The boards are painted with Tikkurila paint, which is washing resistant and comes in 9 standard colours and tones individually manufactured at client’s demand. You can choose from several sizes from standard 455x610mm or 635x940mm to larger ones (100x100cm and 100x200cm). Visit to learn more.

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