Chronicling the Changing Face of Consumer Payments

Google Has a Card up its Sleeve

Google Wallet and CardDespite generating impressive buzz with its Wallet offering, Google’s foray into the world of payments has so far proved disappointing.  As Google prepares to unveil an overhauled version 2.0 of Wallet, now would seem an appropriate opportunity to autopsy Wallet’s original platform, take measure of its shortcomings, and scrutinize Google’s new direction. [Continue reading]

A Brief History of Reprogrammable (Dynamic) Card Technology

Francini Photo 2

We use our payment cards constantly.  Rarely can we be found outside our homes without them.   It would seem obvious, then, to try to get more out of the payment card – to have it do more than serve as a dumb, unsecured receptacle for small … [Continue reading]

Weighing in on the Merchant Customer Exchange


On August 15, Target, Walmart and a dozen other big merchants unveiled their plans to collaboratively develop a mobile payments network, Merchant Customer Exchange.  The announcement  created a media  stir, but hardly revealed anything earth … [Continue reading]

NFC Going Nowhere Fast; “Frictionless” Payment Solutions Emerge


In recent months, startups and established businesses have rushed into the payments space in droves.  And well they should.  There will be room for many companies to succeed within the payments industry in coming years. - and for a few to succeed … [Continue reading]

EMV’s Uncertain Fate in the US


In 2011, Visa and Mastercard announced plans to push for the adoption of chip-and-pin (EMV) by implementing a series of targeted incentives that are set to phase in between now and the end of 2015.  The networks hope to compel card issuers, … [Continue reading]